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olive tapenade on goat cheese

Herbed Olive Tapenade

For the Olive Tapenade:
1 cup chopped Kalmata Olives(pitted)
1 cup chopped Manzanilla Olives
3 large cloves of Garlic diced
3 tbs chopped fresh Oregano
3 large basil leaves chopped
S & P to taste
3 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2tbs Red Wine Vinegar
1 fresh squeezed Lemon
Mix all ingredients together
For the Goat Cheese Spread:

4 oz Cream Cheese softened
4 oz Goat Cheese
Mix all ingredients together, spread on toasts, top with tapenade.

Whip this up for a light yet tasty appetizer as it is sure to whet your appetite, plus it goes perfectly with a glass of wine and is the perfect dish for guests to snack on while you're finishing up with the cooking and final preparation for a dinner.

The tapenade not only can be made ahead, it's actually better that way since it gives the flavors a chance to combine with each other. The goat cheese spread can also be made ahead so that all you (or your sous chef/spouse) have to do is assemble just before guests are supposed to arrive. With the bread being slightly toasted, you won't have to worry about the bread getting soaked...just your guests if you keep giving them wine!