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Top 3 Winter Activities

Yup...winter is our favorite season!

When people hear that winter is our favorite time of year, we often get reactions that range from people suggesting that we're crazy or that we haven't yet 'met the right beach', or that it's 'just a phase'.

We are okay with this since it leaves more winter wonderland for us to play in! While there are tons of great things to do in the winter in and around Galena, we've narrowed it down to our Top 3 Favorite Winter Activities.  

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Robert and Douglas skiing


This is a relatively new discovery on our part as we only started skiing in Winter 2015/16. We went to an event at Chestnut Mountain sponsored by the Galena Chamber of Commerce that included lift/lesson/rental for just $25. We had never downhill skied before and we figured that even if we didn't like it, at least we could say we tried and we were only out $25. Well, we LOVED it and it's become one of the biggest things we look forward to every winter!
If you want to give skiing a go here in Galena, we're just a 15 minute drive to Chestnut Mountain and about 30 minutes away from Sundown over in Dubuque.

XC Skiing and Snowshoeing

Connected to downhill skiing of course is cross country skiing. Much more of a workout, XC skiing can burn up to 700 calories per hour! Plus, you often get to ski through the woods or along rivers making for magical snow-covered scenery. Though we haven't had enough snow on the ground all at one time the last few years here, there are several places that groom for XC skiing when there is enough snow. The Nordic Center at Eagle Ridge grooms several trails (they also rent equipment!) just a 10 minute drive from Aldrich Guest House. The Galena River Trail often grooms as well and that's just a 3 minute walk from us. You can also check out Mines of Spain in Dubuque about 20 minutes away.
And for those who don't want to burn quite 700 calories an hour or don't have the equipment, you can always give snowshoeing a try! This opens up a lot more territory for you to explore since things don't need to be groomed or even reasonably level. A few good spots are Winston Tunnel, Casper Bluffs, and Mississippi Palisades.

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Reading a book by the fire

Spending Time Together

Whether it's with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall in Grant Park along the Galena River, walking through Main Street seeing the buildings covered in snow that look like a Courrier and Ives postcard, sitting by a fire with some bourbon, or just watching TV on the couch snuggled under a blanket, no one can deny that winter is a great time for spending time with your special someone!

We happen to know a great place where you can find all three of our favorite things to do in the winter! Make your reservations now and see why Galena is such a great place in the winter!

Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers/Owners


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