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Sushi in Galena?!

Highlighting the fact that Galena has a little bit of everything is a restaurant at the north end of Main Street. At the corner of Main and Franklin in what was a candy store in the mid-1800s is something that not too many small towns can claim - a Japanese/Sushi restaurant!

Fresh Daily

Little Tokyo, opened in 2009 by Chef Michael, is one of the gems of the restaurant scene. For the first year we lived in Galena, we were unreasonably leery of Little Tokyo. Afterall...where is this sushi coming from? The Galena River? The Mississippi River?! We couldn't have been more wrong! After hearing some excellent reviews from some folks with quite refined palettes, we found out that Chef Michael has his fish brought in fresh daily so we took the plunge and are thrilled that we did!

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Robert and Sushi

Perfect for Sharing

The sushi menu is extensive and features raw, cooked, vegetarian, and specialty rolls. We like to get 2 or 3 rolls each and explore a little bit of everything. Some of our favorites are Spice Girl, Rainbow, and Dynamite Roll. The sushi/sashimi menu is quite extensive so making your selection will be tough, but we're sure you can do it! A little note though, for us, 2 rolls per person tends to be the right amount, especially if they're the larger specialty rolls. However, if we're feeling crazy, we'll get more - all the more reason to bring friends with so everyone can taste a little bit of everything.

Something for Everyone

While we always go for the sushi, they also have hibachi and bento boxes for those who may not care for raw sushi. They also have excellent steak dishes and rice dishes to add to the variety. And with their selection of appetizers, you could make a meal out of those alone.
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Chef Michael
Little Tokyo is open 7 days a week and serves both lunch and dinner so there's no reason not to work it into your culinary plans while you're here in Galena!
The restaurants in Galena aren't the only place you'll find great food - Aldrich Guest House won First Runner-Up in a breakfast competition and we're proud to share our homemade food with you at breakfast as well as at our daily drinks and hors d'oeuvres!
Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers

Planning a visit to Galena, Illinois? Make your reservation with us now to experience what makes us the next generation of bed and breakfasts. Afterall, if you're not staying at Aldrich Guest House, you haven't experienced the best Galena has to offer!

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