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Haunted Galena Tour Company

Take a walk on the 'other' side and experience Galena's ghoulish and sometimes sordid history.

With a city as old and storied as Galena there are sure to be plenty of ghost stories. With ghost stories come tours that will take you around to see and experience hauntings from the great beyond, but not all ghost tours are created equal. Our favorite: Haunted Galena Tour Company!
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Robin Telling a Story

Our Favorite Ghost Tour

Robyn Davis and Ted Williams are the owners and operators of Haunted Galena Tour Company and have been active parts of the theatre scene for decades. All of their experience is perfectly combined in the different tours that they provide. On their tours, you won't just hear spooky stories, you'll walk around Galena to experience the actual sites where the stories are said to have taken place back in the day.

On their Galena Ghost Walk, you'll enjoy dramatic storytelling at each location bringing the tales to life! An engaging blend of history, street theatre, and ghost stories, the Galena Ghost Walk is a unique way to enjoy some of the darker sides of Galena's rich history. Lasting a little over an hour, you'll learn about mysterious murders, terrible tragedies, and unexplained hauntings from both the past and present times.

Spirits and Spirits Tour

If ethereal spirits aren't your thing and you prefer the liquid kind, you'll enjoy Haunted Galena Tour Company's ‘Spirits and Spirits' Tour - a haunted happy hour! On Saturdays at 4pm, the 90-minute tour visits the Desoto House Hotel, 111 Main, and the Galena Brewing Company where your ticket not only includes the tour and storytelling, but also a drink at each of the stops. Ready to unwind from the activities of the day but not quite ready for dinner? This tour is a perfect way to enjoy a well-deserved happy hour before dinner. We suggest Fritz and Frites or if you're looking for something more casual, stay at the Galena Brewing Company, the last stop on the tour, and enjoy their offerings!
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Ted telling a story
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Darkness Lovely Retail

But wait, there's more!

You can also find Ted and Robyn performing their original plays at the Desoto House hotel where they perform ‘Murder and Mayhem' on different dates through the year where audience members delve into the folklore, history, and ghostly happenings of Galena when it was a booming mining town.

And visit them at their store on Main Street, A Darkness Lovely, located at 304 S. Main Street where you'll find jewelry, clothing, books, spells, and enchantments.

While there are many options for ghost tours while you're in Galena, we highly recommend Haunted Galena Tour Company. Whether you take advantage of the If you're looking for an engaging, entertaining, and not-really-hokey-at-all experience, you'll love what Ted and Robyn provide! And of course, book early - while last minute tickets can be available, all of their events are often sold out and we wouldn't want you to miss out on any of the fun!
Tour times and tickets for any of the tours can be found in person at A Darkness Lovely or online at hauntedgalenatourcompany.com or give them a call at 815.990.7203

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