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Stop and smell the flowers!

There are many hidden gems in Galena and the gardens throughout the town are some of the best.

City parks, sculpture parks, extravagant gardens, and yards all provide different experiences and opportunities for you to enjoy.

Gardens at Aldrich Guest House

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Relax and Explore

Sometimes the best garden is the one right outside your front door and when you stay with us, that's just what you'll get as our garden won First Prize in a Galena Garden Competition!
Since we've had Aldrich Guest House, we've not only worked on renovating and restoring the interior of the house, but we've also renovated and re-worked our little half acre as well. With the goal of slowly turning the yard/garden in to a park setting, we've removed an overgrown area and opened it up for guests to enjoy. We've planted over a dozen trees as well as many native species of wildflowers providing year-round interest.

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All Natural

Additionally, since we do not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, we're able to use herbs and plants that grow in the garden in our award-winning breakfasts as well as our daily hors d'oeuvres.
Guests are always welcome to enjoy the grounds and explore the gardens. Keep your eyes peeled for humming birds, butterflies, and other pollinators!

Christened ‘Grant Park' in 1891 when the statue of Ulysses S. Grant was unveiled (incidentally, the party immediately following the unveiling was held here at Aldrich Guest House), this park boasts all of the essentials of a city park. The Galena Foundation has tirelessly restored all of the major features of the park including the Fountain, the Oval Garden, the Pergola, the Gazebo, as well as the Picnic Pavillion.
Situated at the foot of the Pedestrian Bridge leading to Main Street and on the banks of the Galena River, you'll walk through this when taking the 5 minute walk to town from Aldrich Guest House. The park is also host to many events including the 4th of July fireworks, Country Fair, and several outdoor concerts. It's also a popular spot for weddings and has plenty of spots for enjoying a picnic lunch!

Easy Walk

Just a 10 minute walk from Aldrich Guest House is Linmar Gardens, the result of the hard work and passion of Harold Martin. Hal bought the property in 1976 and moved to Galena full time in 1984. While the house has been around since 1853, the gardens are much newer and became an extension of the house. With an artist's background, Hal started renovating the house and before he knew it, he was turning a neglected piece of land long used as a dump into the lush gardens it is now.

Native Plantings

On your tour, Bob (Hal's partner) will lead you through the 3.5 acre property. You'll see native species specifically planted to thrive in the extremes of Galena's climate. Statues and art are an integral part of the gardens perfectly blending Hal's background with the landscape. One of the highlights is the Sunken Garden, formerly one of the first African American Baptist churches in Illinois.

Take A Tour

Tours are provided daily at 11am and 2pm (only at 2pm on Sundays) mid-May through mid-October weather permitting.  
Tucked away on West Street, is one of the most whimsical and unexpected 2 acres in Galena. Just a short drive or a 15 minute walk away, you'll find welded steel sculptures with some blending in to their surroundings with others boldly standing out and ranging in size from small to large to the very large 40-foot pair of towers.
John Martinson moved to Galena in 1979 and made the property his studio in 1986. He is still creating pieces of art with many of the smaller pieces for sale. Feel free to bring a picnic and explore - you can find maps at the welcome kiosk and you may even see John there working on something exciting!

And of course, after your day of outdoor fun, our evening Happy Hour is a great way to relax and recharge before you head back out for some of the great restaurants that Galena has to offer!
Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers

Planning a visit to Galena, Illinois? Make your reservation with us now to experience what makes us the next generation of bed and breakfasts. Afterall, if you're not staying at Aldrich Guest House, you haven't experienced the best Galena has to offer!

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