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Time to entertain!

Yup, it's that time of year when the parade of parties, events, and potlucks seems like it will never end. What's that you say? You're not sure what to bring to a party or what to serve at yours? Well, never fear - that's why you have excellent innkeepers looking out for you!

Entertaining is our business. We are some of the luckiest folks in town because we essentially get to throw a cocktail party every evening for our guests and of course, we're pros! Here are a few of our tips to make sure that your guests, as well as you as the host, have an excellent time. We've also linked to some of our hors d'oeuvre recipes so you don't have to scour Pintrest just to find out you stumbled upon the dreaded "Epic Fail".
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Keep it simple phrase

Keep it simple

Whether it's a full-blown sit down dinner, a potluck, or cocktails, simple is nearly always better. It keeps your prep as a host to a minimum which allows you to be with your guests instead of in the kitchen.

Set it and forget it

This goes for both drinks and food. Making a punch is perfect for this since you can make it all ahead and refill as necessary. Put out several bottles of wine so you can open them as needed. Slow cooker snacks are great since they can stay out and hot. Anything that is served cold can be made in quantities and then put out as they are eaten.
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Make it convenient

Bringing something as a guest? Make sure that your contribution doesn't add to the host's workload. If your item needs a serving utensil, bring it so that the host doesn't have to find one. Make it even easier by bringing something that doesn't need a separate utensil. Same goes for serving/presentation. Your host may not have time to plate those lovely treats you brought with everything else they're doing. And if you're going to bring something that needs to be cooked or re-heated it's best to coordinate with the host to make sure that they'll have the extra stovetop/oven space for you to use.

How to give

Hostess gifts are always kind but never feel obligated! And if you do bring a hostess gift, make sure to let them know if it's something special just for them as a thank you or if your intention was for them to share with the group to avoid any awkwardness.
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People at a party

Have fun!

And last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! As either the guest or the host, this is why we have gatherings! You work hard and you deserve to take a few hours to yourself to unwind and enjoy the people around you. Afterall, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!
Click below to see a couple of our tried and true hors d'oeuvre recipes!

And of course, if you'd rather leave the entertaining to someone else, we would love to have you at Aldrich Guest House - no hostess gifts required!

Happy Entertaining!
Robert and Douglas, Innkeepers/Owners


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